Introducing The Five Finalists for Sound Ventures' PerfectPitch Competition


SXSW badge holders are invited to join us this Saturday, March 10th (3:30pm - 4:30pm) at Hotel Van Zandt in Austin, to see which one of the five founders will deliver the PerfectPitch and receive a $100,000 investment from Sound Ventures. - Founded by David Karandish, is an AI bot built for enterprises; accesses your company’s ‘brain’ by digesting information from internal documents and interacting with cloud-based apps.

LearnLux - Founded by  Rebecca Liebman, is an educational platform with online tools for financial literacy.

Daymaker - Founded by Thomas Doochin, is a platform for kids to give to other kids in need; building habits of kindness and generosity from a young age.

IssueVoter - Founded by Maria Yuan, positions itself as the Wikipedia for legislation; users select the issues they care most about and IssueVoter will send them brief summaries of relevant legislation going through Congress.

Omnivirt - Founded by Michael Rucker, is an AR/VR advertising platform for brands and publishers.